1. Make sure you are a member of the Student Cinema Guild and have paid dues (this helps pay for club expenses and for acquiring new equipment).

2. Check the equipment calendar to see whats already checked out (click on the event to see what is being rented).
-We have to manually update this calendar, so reservations won't show up immediately, but we will add them as quickly as possible.

3. Fill out the form to tell us what you want to reserve: EQUIPMENT RENTAL FORM

3b. Make sure to give us at least a week's notice before the time that you want to check out equipment.

4. Come pick up the equipment at our office, Room 474 in the student activity tower in the Union. Make sure you're as close to on time as possible, there is no saying how long we'll actually wait in the office for you to show up (we have other things to do also).

5. Once you have the equipment, make sure to follow our rules for the equipment:

--Treat the equipment like it is your own

--Return it at the time you say you're going to

And that's as simple as it is. If you don't return equipment on time or bring it back neglected, you will get a warning. After the warning, the next time one of these happens, we won't let you check equipment out anymore. This may seem harsh or strict, but you would be surprised how much of our equipment gets damaged due to students not caring about it. Of course, we are reasonable and lenient about this, so just be nice to the equipment.